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How can you best reduce the information you're giving to threats?

How should you prepare for the inevitable attack on your network?

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Operations Security. The art of limiting the information you give to potential or actual foes. The term has its roots in jargon from the US Military. The core aspect is this: if information regarding friendly actions can be of some use to the enemy, measures must be taken to control access to that information and reduce the impact of it being exploited.

We use the term in an Information Security context and focus on how SMEs can lower the risk of data loss.

What We Do

  • We help you become more secure

    We'll help you take some simple steps to reduce the information you leak to prospective attackers. The smaller your footprint, the less they have to work with.

  • We help you reduce costs

    Being secure is not a money pit if done correctly. There's a mountain of vendors out there ready to scare you into spending a fortune. You don't have to.

  • We help you mitigate the inevitable

    It is vital to understand that all organisations must take an 'not if, but when' approach to network attack. Plan defence in depth and know what you'll do when it happens.

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